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Frank Zöchling
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Hallo zusammen,

gerade habe ich ein Update der Forumsoftware durchgeführt, nachfolgend finden sich die Änderungen, da es auch ein paar neue Features gibt:


  • Added: PHP 7.4 compatibility
  • Added: In Forum User Notification
      - New reply in your topic
      - New reply / quote to your post
      - New like to your post
      - New up / down vote to your post
  • Added: Notification Bell on menu bar
  • Added: Real-time user notification
  • Added: My Profile & Notifications widget
  • Added: User Notification Bell on the widget
  • Added: Option to manage user notifications
  • Added: Topic links go to the first unread post
  • Added: [new] indicator at the end of topic titles
  • Added: Go to first unread links and [new] indicator in Recent Topic widget
  • Added: Options to manage topic links and [new] indicator
  • Added: Smooth, multi-step user synchronization
  • Added: Smooth, multi-step user and topics statistic update
  • Added: New permission - Can access to attachments
  • Added: Forums > Phrases using WordPress table builder
  • Added: Forums > Moderation using WordPress table builder
  • Added: Forums > Members using WordPress table builder (new fields)
  • Added: ru_RU Translation by wpForo.RU Team
  • Added: Pre-submit user register validation
  • Added: Forum search page URL -
  • Added: Replaced all ?wpforo=x URLs to ?foro=x
  • Added: TinyMCE editor loading
  • Added: Allow font-awesome icons in TinyMCE editor
  • Added: Hook to disable message bubble 'wpforo_message_bubble'
  • Updated: Font-awesome lib updated to 5.11.2
  • User Custom Field Addon: Allows to set default value for custom fields
  • User Custom Field Addon: Option to display default values on profile page
  • Advanced Attachment Addon: File attachment with a quick Attach Files button
  • Advanced Attachment Addon: User Media Library moved to editor bottom side
  • Advanced Attachment Addon: Upload and insert image thumbnails in post editor
  • Fixed Bug: Parent forum unread status when all are read in sub-forums
  • Fixed Bug: Settings > Styles colors list symmetry issue
  • Fixed Bug: Breadcrumb issue on mobile devices
  • Fixed Bug: Some phrases cannot be translated
  • Fixed Bug: Topic editor errors "toolbar x button plugin is not found"
  • Fixed Bug: BuddyPress and UM user subscription tab issue
  • Fixed Bug: 404 error, page not found if URL contains "~" symbol
  • Fixed Bug: Dark style issues
  • Fixed Bug: Empty URLs in forum sitemap
  • Fixed Bug: Duplicated Message Bubble
  • Fixed Bug: 500 Server Error, fixed by Mark all read button
  • Fixed Bug: Security issues reported by
  • Fixed Bug: Can View Signature usergroup permission doesn't work
  • Optimization: Duplicated SQL queries, SQL optimization.